2019 Year-End Webinar | Maillie LLP

2019 Year-End Webinar



DECEMBER 3, 2019

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Please join us as we deliver key tax and business planning strategies affecting businesses and individuals for the upcoming year.

Topics include:

Cryptocurrency and the IRS: What you need to know.         
Are you currently investing in cryptocurrency or are looking to invest but are unsure of the tax implications? In this webinar we will be addressing the IRS treatment of cryptocurrency and related compliance issues.
State Taxes after Wayfair
The “Wayfair” decision is rapidly changing the landscape of business state taxes. While “Wayfair” was a Sales and Use tax ruling, states are beginning to adopt nexus tests that will align with the nexus “Wayfair” decision. Join us to hear about the impact this decision has had on businesses.

Internet Security Update
Cyber Security concerns are ongoing and becoming increasingly complicated. Individuals and businesses alike need to maintain continual knowledge about evolving cyber issues. Learn tips on information security and proper handling practices to minimize your risk.


2 CPE credits offered

For questions contact Erin Mariani at 484-999-6121 or emariani@maillie.com