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Employee Benefit Plans

Employee Benefit Plan Consulting   

Maillie LLP is a member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center.

Benefit from Our Experience

An employee benefit plan can be essential to attracting and retaining employees. For enterprises of all sizes, it’s also essential that the financial aspects of those plans are managed and reported.  This can be complicated and cumbersome for many businesses to handle internally.  As benefit offerings grow to include pension plans, 401(k), profit sharing, employee stock ownership, and health and welfare plans, the need for professional accounting, auditing and consulting services becomes necessary. Maillie LLP has broad experience in each of these areas, serving clients in the areas of defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, health benefit plans and other post-employment benefit plans. 

  • Trust your benefit plan financial responsibilities to Maillie LLP – and give your business or organization the benefit of comprehensive expertise.  
  • Audits and limited scope audits for various defined benefit plans and 401K plans
  • Accounting disclosures specific to Employee Benefit Plans
  • Accounting and recordkeeping assistance
  • Consulting regarding plan design and other compliance issues
  • Preparation of Federal Form 5500
  • Consulting regarding the new healthcare act